Many past poets have become famous, by writing poetry about someone or life.  They were inspired, moved, and knowing.  Much like the poets of today who have followed the trend, putting into poetry, feelings of sadness, happiness, love, romance, humor and short stories.

The rose is that of love.  Given over the years as a sentiment of that love. It is the "Romantic Rose".



It is winter now. Below I have added a poem about the "A Winters Roses Beauty".  What inspired me to write this poem I had taken a walk around the house checking on the flowers, and most of them were already sleeping for the winter.   Then I saw a Rose. One of the new Rose bushes had a Rose blooming so beautifully above the snow that had just fallen.

                                                                                 A WINTERS ROSES BEAUTY~~

                                     A rose first starts blooming in the Spring,

                                                    green leaves sprouting out from within.

                                                    You can enjoy the blossoms through

                                                     Summer and, there is a sweet fragrance

                                                     fills the air,

                                                     smelling like cotton candy one

                                                     would buy at a fair.

                                                    Winter comes, it doesn't feel the chill in

                                                    the air.

                                                    It's leaves turn golden, frozen in time.

                                                   A love so beautiful, one of a kind.

                                                   Nestled under the pine trees so tall,

                                                   the winters rose sleeps,

                                                   under the snow.

                                                  A mystery so beautiful hidden from

                                                  site, can only be know as "A Winters

                                                  Roses Beauty" asleep through the


 Poetry comes in many different forms, they do not all rhyme. Not everyone likes to read poetry, some don't like to read about the

news. sports, health, each one is an individual.  As for myself, I find that even if I know a little bit about something, I never know

when it is needed for conversation.  I seem at my age to crave knowledge.  I am a down to earth person, I love people.  I would go

to a mall just to watch people.  I would say hi to everyone passing by.  I would say "have a nice day." Just to see the smile on

their face.  My poetry is written about and from life and life's experiences.  About people, places, events, sadness, happiness,

and most of all about me.




 Author and Writer.  I have a favoite song I put on here I have loved for a long time. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" 

Isreal Kamakawiwo' ole.....known as the "Gentle Giant."   Listen to his song while you read my pages.                                    


 This web page tells you about poetry past. poets........................... http://hstrial-pstrasburg.homestead.com/



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